BS Green Organic Fertilizer

BS Green Organic Fertilizer


For RiceFor_Rice

When fertilize our product(BS GREEN) period of raising seeding, strengthen vitality of root-growth, increase density, make leaves, stems thicker. Also, accelerate cell division more 10%compared with practice agricultural techniques and prevent falling because roots, stems are strong enough.

BS GREEN  is excellent in prevention of diseases due to outstanding effects of prevention, restraint of affection by nutrition effect of natural mineral and makes fruit-full Bette, improves rice quality, increases yield more than 20% and decreases fruit-empty noticeably.






For CropsFor_Crops_01

BS GREEN has the outstanding effects about the problems of repeated cultivation due to acidified soil and accumulation of chemical fertilizer because BSGREEN produces from 20 kinds of natural minerals are extracted from natural saprolite.

BS GREEN basically contains basic elements such as nitrogen, phosphate, potassium for plant. Especially in case of leaf vegetables, it is very effective about
root age, taking root by work of 20 kinds of natural minerals and very effective prevention of diseases in plants, grow stronger leaves and stems, strengthen
strability by increase chlorophyll, acceleration of photosynthesis.

In case of fruit trees, fruit-type vegetables, restrain growth of stems to harvest more
fruits and seen outstanding effect such as bloom, acceleration of pollination,
acceleration of sugar content and increase in size of fruits.

In case of farm products, strengthen storability because the fruits ared big, firm and increase its sugar content. By the reasons, the fruits are superior in quality and taste is excellent. Also, increase yield because produce fruit tree, fruit-type vegetables bear more fruits by acceleration of bloom, pollination, fruit setting.Also, when it is damaged by frost, cold weather, if fertilizer plants within 3days It will be recovered and will crank back and In case of greenhouse agriculture, get fid of greenhouse gas.


For Green grass of GolfFor_Green_grass_of_Golf

BS GREEN which is extracted from coprolite is eco-friendly condensed liquid fertilizer and tightens up a strength of stability when step on grass due to balanced high density growth.


BS GREEN has outstanding effects for accumulation of chemical fertilizer and decomposition against pollution material such as chemical fertilizer, contamination, harmful agricultural pesticides also.


It is excellent prevention of every bacteria and mold. It is widely applied to fertilizing methods such as fertilizing roots, fertilizing on plants, fertilizing on soil.


Please don’t worry about environmental pollution such as soil pollution and water pollution because it’s an eco-friendly product.

For Weekend Farm


Weekend Farm is also amptje pir [rpdict mame. Please don’t worry about environmental pollution due to colorless and odorless and harmlessness and use regardless of green vegetables, root vegetables, fruit-type vegetables. Furthermore, soil microbe and worms can be revived. Eventually the soil recovers healthy.


<BS GREEN> also kills malignant bacteria and it is useful as food for noxious bactera. During cold season after dilution with water(250-water : 1-fertilizer)and if fertilize on plants, the plants will be recovered. It has no side effects on human body because natural mineral is extracted from vermiculite.


People can absorbe good minerals through fruit, fruit-type vegetables, vegetables

was cultivated by <BS GREEN>.


For ForestFor_Forest.

IN 1997, <BS GREEN> had been designated as innovative fertilizer by our government practical business policy and the effectiveness had proved through many universities, organization of blboratories.

If water on soil and fertilize plants continuously, the damaged part of root, physiology function of organization before wither will be recovered the effect of soil-improvement make acidity of soil lowerand prevent forest from sulfuration, falling leaves early by better ventilation, better storage water in soil, better keeping multi nutrition material. the sulfuration, falling leaves early occur by

lack of nutrition and pollution. Also it will begin to bud because make growht of root accelerate.




For Garden“.For-Garden

Features for garden of angel(BS GREEN)

– It make flowering plants, trees grow strong It help growth of roots with vigor and comes out odor of nature.

– If flowering plants go wrong in home, office, can be solved by BS GREEN.

– It is colorlessness, colorlessness, harmlessness and don’t damage children. the weak and elderly.

– Insects, may flies don’t gaiter around plants and kill malignant bacillus, is food for fruitful bacillus.

– size of flower venom big and thick its unique colors

– even though sunlight is weakened, the function of photosynthesis work with vigor.

– life of flowers last long. eaves become much thicker and shine like an artificial flowers.

– deodorize fragrance in home; offices frequently spray without reference to number of times.

– Flowering plants damaged by cold weather can revive within 7days.

– In case of fruits don’t drop and leaves of deciduous tree keep greenness of leaves till winter season.