Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2016

Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2016

On 1-3 December 2016 at Koh Pich ,Phnom Penh City

Biggest & Standard EXPO in Cambodia

Booth cost only 900-1500USD/booth/3days

include : 

free of chages of coupon for lunch in Cambodia Construction Summit 2016 on first day and cocktail reception coupon on second day in business network party. Only CCA’s organizer spend for exhibitor, no one else do this . After event the CCA’s Expo organizer help to promote your products in CCA’s media as website,facebook, brochure and directory all full year.

Don’t confusing organizer, the many benefit and feedback after event and more opportunities to meet right people or B to B ,just Expo host by Cambodia Constructors Association ( CCA ).

Has many Supporters and Participants in this year(2016) from world wide,

Exhibitors said many get feedback &profit after exhibited in last year Expo.

This Mega Expo will provide a lot of information as new construction projects, new technologies and new modern quality materials, equipments and machineries of construction,especially new investment and development of construction projects. For whom wants get these issues ,please come to visit the Expo.

The organizer will invite the project owners,contractors,designers,deallers,distributors  developers,investors of construction industry come to visit the Expo,this opportunity for the exhibitors can meet and sale their products,so please the exhibitors hurry up, come to book the booth for showcase your products in Cambodia Construction Industry Expo. For whom booked first cans get good and comfortable location.

Dear all CCA’s members and all contractors,designers,distributors,daellers of construction materials and all related companies ,

CCA would like to inform all of you that,The CCA will host Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2016 on 1rst-3rdDecember, 2016 in the 5th CCA Annual Summit Event at the Convention Exhibition Center, Diamond Island, Phnom Penh (Capital City), the Kingdom of Cambodia.

This Cambodia Construction Industry Expo event is the biggest and only one in Cambodia. Especially the cost of hiring booth is cheapest.
The cost is only 900 to 1500 USD for 3days including free of 2 coupon of lunch in first day ( 1/Dec ) and 1 coupon for business network party in second day( 2/Dec ). This B to B network party could meet the investors ,developers ,construction material dealers ,contracors and designers.
CCA will invite a lot of costumers contractors, designers, construction material equipment supplies companies, developers, property developers, engineers, architectures, construction site managers and who has career and business related with construction works to participate and visit the event.
Especially, CCA will invite His Excellency Senior Minister, Minister of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction, H.E Governor of Phnom Penh Capital, the Chairman of ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF), the chairman of China-ASEAN Business Council China-ASEAN Construction Materials Industry Committee and the president of International Federation of ASEAN Western Pacific Contractors’ Association (IFAWPCA) to attend and give speech for supporting and welcome this event too .
Also the Expo organizer will make more attractive program as the CCA Gala dinner for the exhibitor,members and the national and International guest as VIP visitors / investors / contractors / designers / managers have occasion to meet and discuss about the business together ( B to B ).
This event organizer will strongly promote the EXPO Event in TV, radio, magazine , newspaper, banner and bill board on the main road in Phnom Penh capital .
So if any companies interested, please contact with CCA’s Secretariat for booking the booth. The booth has limited.
Thank You,
Best Regards,
CCA Secretary

Expo Information

Organized : Cambodia Constructors Association ( CCA )

Venue : Conference Exhibition Center ( Koh Pich ),Phnom Penh City

Visitors : Expected Over 15,000 ( trade and profesional visitors ).

Booth : Prepare 250-300

Participants : Expected 200 Companies


– Ministry of Land Management Urban Planning and Construction

– Ministry of Commerce

– Ministry of Works and Training Vocational

– ASEAN Constructors Federation( ACF )

– International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’Association( IFAWPCA )

– China- ASEAN Business Council

– China-ASEAN Construction Industry Cooperation Commitee