TV Press Release Korean Government Procurement Excellent Products Export Consortium Delegation 2018

TV Press Release Korean Government Procurement Excellent Products Export Consortium Delegation 2018

Date : 12th July 2018
Time : 8:02pm
Part : Economic News
Title : South Korea, Electronic and Hospital Equipment Company Looking For Business Partner in Cambodia.

At “Korean Government Procurement Excellent Products Export Consortium Delegation 2018” in Phnom Penh on July 12, 2018, Mr. Sen Chanthy, the Member of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce said Korean was huge investors in Cambodia, though it was minimal for a while. However, due to economic growth, especially in the construction sector, Korean companies have begun investing again in Cambodia, and I am expecting Korea to become the second biggest investor after China.

Mr.Sen Chanthy said: Many investors are interested in ASEAN because it has a population of nearly 600 million. So not only Korea but also Europe, the U.S. and other countries are going to invest in Cambodia. In particular, South Korea has invested in Cambodia for a long time and is now showing increasing interest in investing in it. Like today, after I met electronic companies and other companies such as construction companies, more projects are expected in the future.

Mr. Lee Kyoung Won, Deputy Director of Public Procurement Service said “Due to the support from Korea Public Procurement Service, ​we created the Korea Delegation in Cambodia for business meeting with Cambodia companies and business partner to import Korea products to Cambodia.

Mr. Lee Kyoung Won said: According to the Cambodian market, we have learned that Cambodia is a potential country in agriculture. But other sectors are also seeing remarkable growth. And today there are 16 Korean delegation companies with construction, hospital equipment, etc. We can not expect a short time, but we expect to enter the Cambodian market in the long future.

Mrs. Peng Kuntheaborey deputy Cambodia-Vietnam Loas Association, she said this is a good opportunity for both countries and is interested in refrigerator machines and hospital equipment.

Nowadays, Cambodia and Korea is agree to increase the economic 2000 Million USD in 2020 by the increasing the Korea investment in Cambodia and make ease of exporting Cambodia Products to Korea.

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Newspaper Name: Khmer Time
Page : 12, Section Business
Volume 5, Edition 54
Date : Fri, 13th July 2018